Sierra Blanca ‚ÄčTraditional Bows

Bob U. from up Michigan way with a nice buck.  Bob was shooting his 56"  45 # Sierra Blanca.  

John S. from Indiana had a good day with his 58" Sierra Blanca.  Nice doe John

Bob U. with another great trophy, black bear taken in Canada.  Thanks for the photo Bob

Callie's K.  very first deer, and with a bow no less.  She is shooting  a 52" Sierra Blanca bow and about 40# @ 25".


Leon S. with a bush pig taken in South Africa.  Leon used his 56" Sierra Blanca to take a great trophy.

Even the old bowyer gets lucky once in a great while.  Wyoming antelope taken with a 60" Sierra Blanca 50# @ 28"