I am now offering replacement limbs for the original Rocky Mountain Recurves.   I can build them to fit the 15',17",19" riser, unfortunately not for the 13" risers. 


Please keep in mind these are not exact copies of the original limbs.  I do not know how much taper was used in originals so, that might be different, mine are also a little wider through the base of the recurve.  I also use phenolic as limb tip overlays making them safe for low stretch strings.

I will require your riser to fit the limbs to the riser.  My limbs are 1.25" wide where they mount to the riser.  If your riser is wider in this area my limbs will not fit.  My drill jig only works  properly on risers of  1.25"  in width.

It is exciting to see these old classic recurves shooting again and they give up nothing to much newer models.

If you have interest please contact me for options and pricing.


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I put it together this morning and sent 3 arrows into a 6" target at 20 yards.  It is better than I imagined, true craftsmanship and very much appreciated.  

Comments by J. Locke from Montana about his new new replacement limbs for his original RMR 17" riser.