Sierra Blanca ‚ÄčTraditional Bows


Exotic hardwoods, custom made to fit your hand and shooting style.  The shelf is radiused to enhance arrow flight. The riser is cut .125" past center allowing a wider range of arrow spines to work well.  Up to four pieces of reinforcing glass or phenolic make for a strong and stiff riser.

Risers are available in 13",15",17" and 19" lengths.


Limbs use the best materials Gordon's Fiberglass , Smooth on Epoxy.  Limbs are designed to shoot heavy arrows with good speed and to be extremely quiet.  Limbs use phenolic tip overlays for the safe use of modern low 

stretch string materials for improved performance.


Riser                      13"             15"              17"                   19"

#1S limbs              48" bow

#2S limbs              50" bow

#3S limbs              52" bow

#1 limbs                                  52" bow

#2 limbs                                  54" bow       56" bow

#3 limbs                                                        58" bow

#4 limbs                                                        60" bow         62"

#5 limbs                                                                                64"

#6 limbs                                                                                66"                                                                         

By selecting the right riser and limb length bows can be from 48" to 66" in length.  


48", 50", and 52" bows 24"--27" draw

54", and 56" bows 26" --28"  draw

58", and 60" bows up to 26"--29" draw

62" 27"--30"

64" 28"--31"

66" 28"--33"

These are suggested lengths are certainly not set in stone.  Generally longer bows are more comfortable and easier to shoot.  One will rarely go wrong going on the longer side but, the same cannot be said for going to short.

These bows are not copies or reproductions but, are greatly influenced by the Rocky Mountain Recurve that was built in the 1980's and possibly into the early 1990's.  The RMR was considered to be one of the very best hunting bows of all times.  I along with many others continue to believe that is as true today as ever.  This proven design gives up nothing in performance, they are fast, smooth, and forgiving.

You might want to take all of that with a grain of salt for I am very biased


My goal is  to build bows that are well suited for hunting.  To my way of thinking a hunting bow should be first and most importantly  forgiving, then quiet and quick.  The fastest bow is worthless if you can't hit anything with it, almost any animal can jump the string on a loud bow no matter how fast it might be.  Speed is important also for a flat trajectory which will make shooting longer distances much easier. I try to get a good blend of the listed shooting characteristics into my bows.  Making what I feel is the perfect hunting bow.

 I don't care for bows with a lot of early draw weight, for me they are more difficult to shoot.  A softer drawing bow is for me easier to shoot and maintain my concentration on the mark.  Remember bows that are softer drawing will be a bit slower than those that build draw weight early in the draw cycle.

People have different ideas about what makes a great bow, which is not only okay but, good.  If every bow worked equally well for everyone there would be no need for all the types and styles we have available today.  We are truly blessed to have so many choices.   

I have always been a WWII history buff with aircraft of that time my main interest.  I have decided to name my kids longbows the Warhawk after the P-40 fighter of WWII.  It is 46" long and of the deflex reflex design for speed and smooth drawing.  Perfect for the young shooter.

I have had numerous request for a takedown longbow so, at last it is here.  I am calling it the "CORSAIR" after the WWII fighter plane.  The Corsair was known for its speed and its deadliness.  My corsair longbow has been designed with these same characteristics.  With the reflex deflex limbs she is fast, nimble, and quiet.  Currently available in the popular 62" length with a 16" riser and bamboo cores, making a very pleasant shooting and well manner bow.  Other lengths to follow soon.