Received my bow today and all I can say is AWESOME, very very nice bow and with very little tuning it shoots every bit as good as it looks, Thank you for a great addition to my small collection of first class bows.

Ron B. MI

Hello Jess the bow shoots like a dream and the grip is perfect.

A. Valladares Bronx NY

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Here is a new one from Jess.  48" Walnut/snakewood riser. Limbs are spalted maple and curly koa.  

Jess copied my original Rocky Mtn recurve riser grip and just nailed it.  Bow shoots wonderfully.

Mike B. MT

I just bought a 48" custom bow from Jess Stuart of Sierra Blanca Bows in New Mexico.  Not only was

this the best bow I ever purchased.   Jess went the extra mile to develop a relationship with me as a 

customer and learn how I shoot in order to build me the perfect bow.

Geryl G. NC

Sierra Blanca ‚ÄčTraditional Bows

Fit and finish are top notch.  There isn't one at all!!  And the draw is smooth, no stacking even to my 29" draw.  Bow turned out beautiful. 

A. Montoya Colorado

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Thanks for the awesome bow build.  I look forward to many 

seasons with this bow.  The craftsmanship is outstanding and the wood choice looks super.

David T.  TX

I have two Rocky Moutain Recurves and one Sierra Blanca.  Pound for pound.  The Sierra Blanca is faster

quieter, and every bit as accurate and good looking

John A. NM


The bow arrived, it is gorgeous and shoots fantastic, the grip is fantastic, and I will spend more time adjusting the nock.  Thanks a lot.  I am estatic, could not be happier.

M. Chamberlin


Jess... received the bow this morning.  Wow! Feels great in hand and has nice light feel not too different than many hybird longbows I have seen or owned.  Also not handle heavy as many recurves.  Also like that the handle is narrow and well sculpted.  The fit and finish and wood combo is outstanding.

As to shooting, very smooth and very easy to shoot accurately.  It shoots where I look!  The bow was very easy to tune and handles my heavy arrows with authority.  Shooting 2020 aluminum arrow 5 1/2 feathers with rubber blunts.  Arrows fly like darts.

J. LaBasso  CT.

In the 1990's a former college physics professor by the name of John Morris began building the Rocky Mountain Recurve, in Bozeman, MT.  He understood stresses and forces and dynamics.  In addition, he was craftsman, with a fine artistic eye.  When he developed reactions to the chemistry involved in their construction, the RMR ceased production.  But his bows were so good that informed hunter and archers still seek them.

John built three bows for me, two 56" and my favorite, a 52".  They were smooth, very quiet, quick, and best of all, forgiving.  I shot that little 52" take-down better than any bow I ever had.  Unfortunately age was overtaking me and finally I had to accept the fact that I could no longer control 63# @ 28".  And I sold it.

Then I heard about a New Mexico bowyer who was building on the same principals of the RMR bows.  Jess Stuart is low-key, doesn't advertise, and believes in his product.  A couple of years ago Jess built me a little 52" bow that pleased me greatly.  It possessed most of the characteristics of the Morris bows: smooth in the draw, forgiving in the realease, and spot on off the shelf.  Then, an accident to my shoulder indicated I'd never shoot again, so reluctantly, I sold it.

Suprisingly, however, I recovered, and ordered antoher bow from Jess; yes, antoher 52" because, even at 28" it's smooth and forgiving.  This one is as fine as the first.  The workmanship and detail are outstanding, and the shooting characteristics are just plain fun! Fully important, is Jess Stuart's demeanor,  He's terrific to deal with, wonderfully honest, and dedicated to please his clientele.

Thank you Jess for another fine bow.

W. Southworth  Maine.