This is a Rivers Edge Recurve with two set of static limbs.  One set makes a 60" bow and is 53# @ 28" the second set makes a 62" bow and is 57# @ 28".  A heavier set for warm weather or larger game and a lighter set for cold weather or smaller game.  This bow was built by the original owners of RER Kevin Terrmat

$425.00 TYD CON USA

19" Bubinga and Maple riser with number five limbs making a 64" bow.  Has the caramel brown glass limbs  making a 54# @ 28" bow.  $525.00 TYD in CON USA

17" Bubinga and Myrtle riser with number 4 limbs making a 60" bow.  Has green glass limbs and is 40# @ 28"

$525.00 TYD con USA 

46" "Warhawk" youth longbow.  Has a Bolivian Rosewood and Walnut riser with black glass limbs.  17# @ 20"  Might as well start the kiddos off with one like dads.  

$90.00 TYD CON USA

A 62" takedown Corsair Longbow 44# @ 28" East India Rosewood and Shedua Riser.  Limbs have two lams of yew and a center lam of bamboo.  Riser and limbtips have sheephorn overlays.  

$675.00 shipped in the CON USA


Sierra Blanca ‚ÄčTraditional Bows

13" Walnut riser with Bloodwood accents with brown glass S-2 limbs making a 50" bow.   40# @ 28" perfect for blind or treestand.  Great length and weight for ladies or younger shooters.

Special price on this one $489.00 TYD CON USA